A growing Philippines needs energy. But not just any kind of energy—the country must balance its energy needs against the needs of our environment. As one of the countries most exposed to the effects of climate change, the country must ensure that it does not contribute to adding to the world’s already worrisome carbon footprint.

Core values

Creating a new kind of energy requires a set of values that will govern how we behave:


for the environment

Our actions will always be guided by our healthy regard for the environment and the world we live in. We know that our actions not only affect our area of operations, but also affect the world at large.



We will behave as responsible guests of the local communities of the Cordilleras, working with them and for them, to provide opportunities to elevate their quality of life and ensure that their rich culture is preserved.


to our stakeholders

We are governed by integrity, transparency, and accountability in all that we do: for our shareholders, customers, our partners in local and national government, NGOs, and local communities, and our employees.

eco-power innovation

How Run-of-River works

Run-of-River (ROR) hyrdo-electric systems harvest the energy from flowing water to generate clean electricity. The 60-MW COHECO powerplant harnesses power from the natural flow rate of the Amburayan river.

Tawid Foundation is the manifestation of COHECO’s aim to enrich the local communities from which it operates. Working together with the communities of Kapangan, Kibungan of Benguet province and Santol of La Union province, Tawid Foundation strives to implement tested and successful agro-enterprise strategies to raise the quality of life and economic welfare of the farming communities, and advance gender and cultural parity without sacrificing ecological principles.

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Let’s wield a new kind of energy: to power, and empower.

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